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Interest Free Car Loan

If you are interested in borrowing money to buy a car without paying interest, you can. But the only way to get a car loan without interest really is to pretend that you do not need one. For example, say you can buy a car for $ 20,000 if you pay cash or $ 22,000 Read more about Interest Free Car Loan[…]

Stocks Are Down

The currency markets missing floor Wednesday, but seemed to still run by his best complete in Jan in over a several years. An unanticipated decrease in customer assurance ripped shares after a powerful beginning. The Dow Jones Business Regular dropped 33 details to 12 619 just after 1:30 p.m. EST. The Conventional & Inadequate 500 Read more about Stocks Are Down[…]

Canadian Dollar Fall

The Canadian dollar was sharply lower amid deep disappointment in the U.S. non-farm payrolls report for June. The loonie was down 0.55 of a cent to 103.76 cents US after the U.S. Labour Department reported that the economy created only 18,000 jobs while the unemployment rate rose 0.1 of a percentage point to 9.2 per Read more about Canadian Dollar Fall[…]

Cosigning A Loan

The damage to my credit score would likely lead to higher finance charges if we applied for credit on a joint account. We don’t live in a community-property state, in which all debt obtained during a marriage is considered joint debt. (The nine community-property states are Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington Read more about Cosigning A Loan[…]

5 Financial Tips You Should Ignore

Have you heard the one about houses being a sure-fire investment? Or the tip that you should close all your credit card accounts? Bad financial advice can circle the web faster than the latest e-mail scam from Nigeria, and some of it originates from personal finance gurus themselves (although their words are often twisted). Here Read more about 5 Financial Tips You Should Ignore[…]

Dont Use Your Credit Card

There are plenty of reasons to use a credit card — convenience, accountability and safety among them — but when is it better just to step away from the swiper? There are many out there who would say that there’s never a good time to use a credit card, and that cash, debit or anything Read more about Dont Use Your Credit Card[…]

Protect Your Credit Rating

Your credit rating is basically your personal finance history, whatever accounts and forms of credit you’d had in the past and any missed payments, defaults or notices on those accounts are marked on your credit rating. Finance companies use credit reports to see how individuals manage or fail to manage their : bank accounts, credit Read more about Protect Your Credit Rating[…]

Raise Your Credit Score

You’re planning on buying a house in a few months and want to do everything possible to raise your credit score before you apply for a mortgage. What are the three most important things you can do today for a higher credit score tomorrow? That’s the question I asked Fair Isaac, the company that created Read more about Raise Your Credit Score[…]

Improve Credit Rating

Every individual and business entity earns a certain level of credit worthiness in a lifetime or phase of function. The credit rating is either evaluated as a credit score or as entries in a credit report. Credit ratings are awarded to individuals, business corporations and even countries. The calculations of the debit-credit facets are made Read more about Improve Credit Rating[…]

Credit Rating

Credit rating is the means of assessing the credit worthiness of individuals, companies, states and countries. It indicates the ability of the debtor (individual, company, state or country) to fulfill his financial commitments. Credit rating can refer to personal, corporate or sovereign credit rating. Personal Credit Rating Credit Rating: In the US, creditors use a Read more about Credit Rating[…]

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