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Misuse Of Federal Loans

“It’s really sad to everybody who worked here,” Miller said on Thursday. “We believed in the technology.” Mohammad Walahi, 41, worked for Solyndra for five years before showing up a week ago only to be told by a colleague that the company was going bankrupt. He blamed management, saying they had made bad decisions. “See Read more about Misuse Of Federal Loans[…]

SBA 504 Loans

SBA 504 loans are tailor-made for business owners who want to acquire or develop their own facilities. Forget everything you’ve ever heard about the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Wipe the slate clean. The negative connotations may have been warranted in the past, but the SBA is different these days. It’s no longer a four-letter Read more about SBA 504 Loans[…]

Decline Of Commercial Loan (part 2)

REASON # 2 FOR COMMERCIAL LOAN REJECTIONS Loan underwriters find something on a tax return that disqualifies a borrower under the bank’s lending guidelines. This “something” will frequently be insufficient net income, but when loan underwriters look at tax returns, there are many other possibilities which produce a similar result. STRATEGY # 2 FOR CONVERTING Read more about Decline Of Commercial Loan (part 2)[…]

Decline Of Commercial Loan

This article highlights the five primary reasons that banks decline commercial loan applications. The reasons provided below do not represent obscure issues, so it is likely that two or three of the reasons described will be important for typical commercial loan situations. The first two reasons (business plans and tax returns) will potentially impact all Read more about Decline Of Commercial Loan[…]

Commercial Loans

Getting commercial real estate loans approved is almost always complex and frequently difficult. Business borrowers need to realize that there are several situations with commercial real estate loans which can be especially difficult to get approved. Examples of eight difficult loan scenarios are described to illustrate two key points: (1) difficulties with commercial real estate Read more about Commercial Loans[…]

Commercial Loan Information

There is a large need these days for commercial lending and can be quite overwhelming. If you are looking into applying for a commercial loan you may want to inquire a little about the subject before you speak to a commercial lender. If you prepare yourself in advance, then you will know what will be Read more about Commercial Loan Information[…]

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