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Interest Free Car Loan

If you are interested in borrowing money to buy a car without paying interest, you can. But the only way to get a car loan without interest really is to pretend that you do not need one. For example, say you can buy a car for $ 20,000 if you pay cash or $ 22,000 Read more about Interest Free Car Loan[…]

Should I Invest Money

This situation brings to mind a philosopher named Blaise Pascal who argued that even people who doubt God’s existence should live their lives as if God exists anyway. By doing do, Pascal argues, if it turns out that God exists you will spend eternity in heaven, but if it turns out God does not exist, Read more about Should I Invest Money[…]

Fix Bed Credit

Before your loan application is processed, it is usual for the lending institution or bank where you have applied to run a check on your credit report and get your FICO score. If your FICO score is high that means that you are a low risk customer, you can be counted upon to make your Read more about Fix Bed Credit[…]

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