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- Part 3

Tough To Come Loans

Many of the state’s largest financial institutions remain cautious to extend financial lending products to even the most credit score worthy people, a new study shows. Despite improvements in the economy, more smaller businesses have turned to group financial institutions or alternative lenders to uncover lines of credit score after failed attempts to get financial Read more about Tough To Come Loans[…]

Time to Refinance?

Mark Sass and his wife decided to refinance the mortgage on their Cincinnati, Ohio, home on Friday, just days before the Federal Reserve pledged to keep rates near their historic lows during the first half of 2012 . “I knew that the statement by the Fed would come out and rates dropped to historically low Read more about Time to Refinance?[…]

New Federal Initiative

I heard many complaints in the wake of the $840 billion federal economic-stimulus plan of 2009 that it did little to help small businesses. Congress followed up with 2010’s Small Business Jobs Act, which included a $30 billion Small Business Lending Fund (SBLF). Once again, the program underwhelmed as many banks simply exchanged the capital Read more about New Federal Initiative[…]

Private Equity

It’s always been tough for small businesses to tap into private-equity money. Many PE funds are looking to buy up big, distressed companies and often bypass small businesses entirely. Probably the best known type of small-business focused private equity firm is small business investment companies, or SBICs. SBICs are privately owned and managed investment funds Read more about Private Equity[…]

Small Business Today

1. Smaller banks are approving a higher percentage of small-business loan requests. A larger portion of small-business loans are being made by regional and community banks and non-bank lenders compared with big national banks, according to an analysis by Biz2Credit, a service that connects small-business owners with lenders, credit rating agencies and service providers. Biz2Credit’s Read more about Small Business Today[…]

Should I Invest Money

This situation brings to mind a philosopher named Blaise Pascal who argued that even people who doubt God’s existence should live their lives as if God exists anyway. By doing do, Pascal argues, if it turns out that God exists you will spend eternity in heaven, but if it turns out God does not exist, Read more about Should I Invest Money[…]

Solyndra Loans

The Obama administration said on Thursday its top energy loans official was stepping down, following a widening probe into the embarrassing collapse of a solar panel company that got $535 million in federal support. Jonathan Silver, a venture capitalist who had also worked for the Clinton administration, was leaving because the loan program has allocated Read more about Solyndra Loans[…]

Loans for local Irene Victims

Help is on the way for Rhode Islanders hit hard by Tropical Storm Irene. The U.S. Small Business Administration has announced that loans will be available for residents and businesses affected by the late August storm. SBA Administrator Karen G. Mills made the loans available in response to the disaster declaration requested by Governor Lincoln Read more about Loans for local Irene Victims[…]

Misuse Of Federal Loans

“It’s really sad to everybody who worked here,” Miller said on Thursday. “We believed in the technology.” Mohammad Walahi, 41, worked for Solyndra for five years before showing up a week ago only to be told by a colleague that the company was going bankrupt. He blamed management, saying they had made bad decisions. “See Read more about Misuse Of Federal Loans[…]

Misuse Of Federal Loans

FBI agents executed search warrants Thursday at the headquarters of California solar panel manufacturer Solyndra, which received more than $500 million in federal loans before filing for bankruptcy last week. Blue-jacket-clad agents swarmed the company’s headquarters in Fremont as part of an investigation with the Department of Energy’s Office of Inspector General into the manufacturer Read more about Misuse Of Federal Loans[…]

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